Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Voodoo Woman

Ohh they call me the voodoo woman
Ohh and I know the reason why
Ohh, if I raise up my hands now
Don’t you know the sky begins to cry!

I gotta rabbit foot in my pocket
A toad frog in my shoes,
crawdaddy on my shoulder
Looking dead at you

I got dust from a rattlesnake
And a black spider bone
If that don’t do it baby
You better leave this girl alone


Alikins said...

This is AWESOME! I'm a sucker for red backgrounds and girls with an attitude! Okay, that didn't sound exactly as I wanted, but, let's just say, I LOVE this piece! ;)

Bearuh said...

That is indeed awesome.. I really like your style of drawing too.. her lips and eyes are great

Michelle Lana said...

cool character! great style!

Kevin Spear said...

Whoah, Christian! Nice illustration. You have a strong animation feel to your art. It has a Kim Possible Feel to it. Very strong composition too.

Steve said...

Great illo’ Ludachristian, love your style.
I always have difficulties when it comes to drawing women (such complicated creatures) so i take my hat off to those who do it so well.

Senta said...

I really like the way you use the red on this...your style is great!

Muffin said...

I really like her design, great expression!

studio lolo said...

Everything is strong about this piece...composition, color...it's got it going on!

Amy Zaleski said...

Love that blood red background! Very nicely thought out piece. She looks like trouble, for sure. Great character!

Jola said...

Ha. Foxy woman. :) I like the style, and it works for the season as well.

I've featured you on my Illustration Friday picks of the week at my arts forum, Musemart. :)

Wee Cottage said...

Wonderful! She has attitude. Lovely colors too

Adam Borg said...

Wow I love this piece, great style I really like it. Great colors that red really works well