Friday, December 15, 2006

The Path

I recently finished up an illustrated outreach booklet that an area pastor & I collaborated on.... He came to me with the idea, basically finished, but he wanted it to be a visually engaging booklet that someone (non-Christian & new Christian alike) would want to pick up & read.

It turned out really well, and it's a great tool for ministry. He writes from a very down-to-Earth perspective with a sincere heart, pointing out Biblical truths that are both easy to understand & hard to ignore. A must-read for anyone with questions about becoming a Christian.

The booklet is 12 pages long, with Scripture and striking imagery coming together to produce a formidable tool for spreading the Good News, challenging readers to take it upon themselves to dig deeper and find out more.

If you'd like more information about the booklet, contact Sam Wrisley of Harvest Christian Fellowship.

UPDATE (1-26-2007): Pastor Wrisley will be traveling to Liberia in a couple weeks, and he's taking 500 copies of this booklet to hand out at a leadership conference put on by Revive Liberia Missions, Inc. Listening to him talk about it, I've learned the situation in Liberia is a dire one. I know God will use the booklet mightily, and I'm glad to have had the chance to work on something that will reach so many people.

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wholegrain said...

dude, you been busy. I friggin' love that tree. LOVE!
nice work pally.