Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Be Mine

I whipped up a homemade valentine this year for the wife (scoreboard!) that included this little diddy:

"I'm sure there were a lot of guys
that coulda brought you joy...
but out of all the dudes around,
you picked this tall white boy!"

Gold. Solid gold.


Kevin Spear said...

You can't beat the "Christian" Art card line. I like the texture you worked into the background. Adds some excitement to it. Good work as usual.

saul said...

Looks great!

sketched out said...

That is absolutely adorable! How could any wife resist that, hee hee!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Andy said...

Nice work there, man.
I'm digging the background texture. How do you do that?

TheSilentMaiden said...

awwww~! this is sooo cute! i wish i could make something like that!